Bangor Grammarians would be very keen to instigate an online discussion via our website and Facebook page about the merits of staging an Edinburgh Dinner in the coming months.
It’s been a few years since a dinner was last held for past pupils now living or attending university in Scotland but, given the ongoing popularity of the Bangor and London Dinners, it’s a situation we would very much like to rectify.
Just yesterday (Friday) we received an online enquiry about an official Edinburgh Dinner in 2017; as of now nothing is planned but, depending on online interaction amongst past pupils, it need not remain that way.
Even if just a handful of former students in Scotland determine among themselves to meet up for a bite to eat and a jar or two, that will very likely be enough to get the ball rolling. Out of small acorns and all that!
We’ll be monitoring the website and Facebook page and if there’s an obvious interest in an Edinburgh Dinner we’ll do our very best to help in any way to make it happen!