Many thanks to past pupil Roy Willis for permitting us to share with our members this story of the library book he recently returned to Bangor Grammar School – a mere 51 years late!
As the accompanying letter, which Roy delivered (with the book) to library staff while in town to attend last June’s big 50-year reunion dinner at Gransha Road, explains, he borrowed the book around April or May 1966 to help with revision for his English A-Level examination.
Roy moved to London more than 40 years ago after graduating from Queen’s University. The book, Patterns in Shakespearian Tragedy by Irving Ribner, ended up being hidden away on a bookshelf.
Now, however, it has been reunited with Bangor Grammar School – and Roy was able to return home to England after taking a look around the new School and meeting up with many old friends. Very much ‘a result’, as the young folk of today would say!
Needless to say if anyone else out there has any old books from the School Library, or for that matter cups and trophies that would look better in the School Archive, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.