About the Grammarians


The Grammarians is the organisation for old boys of Bangor Grammar School, fostering friendship and companionship with former classmates and promoting the interests of the school. It is very much an informal organisation reflecting members’ specific interests in these areas.

The critical aspects of membership are the ability to network between colleagues, follow activities of mutual interest and maintain a positive link to the school. As someone using this website you will be aware that through this you can connect through both Facebook and LinkedIn. Membership currently stands at over 1,400 drawn from home and 10 countries outside the UK.

In recent years the Grammarians have also established a Careers Forum via the LinkedIn site and also via Email and formed a close working relationship with the BGS Careers Department. Through this forum there is the opportunity to become involved in support for pupils in selecting careers, providing feedback from universities/colleges and assisting in mounting careers fairs at the school. In addition you might be able to assist with the provision of Work Experience opportunities or carrying out mock interviews.

The school Careers Dept is particularly keen to encourage younger Grammarians whose experience is likely to be more relevant to that of current pupils to become involved in this initiative. So if you have just started university and are seeking “year out” or vocational employment, having contacts through the Careers Forum could prove to be invaluable! Long term employment opportunities could also be possible following graduation/qualification.

On the social side the Grammarians also organise annual dinners convened in Bangor, Edinburgh and London. There remains the possibility of other dinners in cities such as Dublin, Newcastle, Manchester or Birmingham if the numbers will justify it. Dinners provide more networking opportunities within the context of an enjoyable social occasion.

Sporting events include the annual Boxing Day hockey match between the current school 1st XI and a selection of stars from former years. Golf also features during the autumn and there is scope for additional events if there is enthusiastic support. All activities for each year are coordinated into a very interesting Grammarian magazine, which is available both in hard copy and also as a PDF file for ease of access online.

When you commence working, and depending on your work location, you may well use the networking facilities available to organise your own ‘low key’ dinners, charity fundraising events and pursue other specialised interests, etc. Your activities will define the future of the Grammarians.

The first stage in the process is, however, to join and details are available on the Contact page of this website. Alternatively you can contact Membership Secretary Lyn MacCallum on email membership@grammarians.co.uk. Grammarians based in the Greater London area or Edinburgh/ Scotland can contact grammarians@btconnect.com.

So wherever you are in the world, remember you can always keep in touch with your old school through connection with the Grammarians. We look forward to hearing from you!


Terence Bowman,

Chairman, Bangor Grammarians