Jamaica Inn – venue for the Class of 1984 reunion on 19 October

Members of the Class of 1984 (the year they left BGS) will be holding a 40th anniversary reunion later this year at the Jamaica Inn. Already more than 25 past pupils have indicated their intention to attend a ‘late lunch’ at the Seacliff Road venue on Saturday 19 October.
Organiser Alan Rosbotham, who to date has managed to contact 34 former classmates, points out that rather helpfully Ulster will be playing at Ravenhill the previous night “so anyone who fancies that can make a weekend of it.”
A WhatsApp group, set up by Class of 1984 members, is already an important source of information about the reunion. However, Alan, who is clearly not resting on his laurels and wants to attract an even greater number to the lunch, can also be contacted by anyone reading about the get-together for the first time on 07812 814041. Alternatively his email address is rosso1965.ar@gmail.com.