Bangor Grammar School’s 1st XV in 1969

The timing of the current 1st XV reaching next week’s Subsidiary Shield decider could not be better, with the 50th anniversary of BGS’s first and arguably most famous victory in the Schools Cup (over Campbell College) at Ravenhill falling on Sunday 17 March. The 2019 final is being held a day late because St Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday, hence the 50th anniversary celebrations are also being held a day late.
Regular reunions down the years – 2019 will be no exception – point to the strong bond forged half a century ago between the team members, although, sadly, several have since passed on to their greater reward. All are held in the highest esteem by those privileged to have attended the final in March 1969.
Included (below) is coverage of the Schools Cup win from ‘Bangor in the Sixties’ (published in 2009)