Thanks to our team of volunteer ‘postmen’, and their ready willingness to expend valuable shoe leather, copies of the 2016 Grammarian magazine are now being delivered to homes the length and breadth of County Down and especially in Bangor where we have more than 700 members. In addition, we have posted the magazine to addresses around the United Kingdom, Europe and indeed the world.
A growing number of Grammarians have opted to receive the magazine in digital format, thereby helping us to reduce our postal costs. A link has been sent to members wishing to download The Grammarian and we would invite others who regularly use iPads, tablets, laptops and desktop computers to consider joining the ‘digital revolution.’
No distribution system is perfect, especially if members’ postal addresses and email addresses have changed. When we sent out information about the Bangor Dinner on 18 November, some half-a-dozen of the messages were returned as undelivered. We don’t want anyone to miss out on any of our news or announcements about forthcoming events, so please get in touch with Membership Secretary Lyn MacCallum ( when you move home or change your email address, or if you think we’re ignoring you.
If in the end you haven’t received your copy of The Grammarian by 1 October, and you are a paid-up member of Bangor Grammarians, please get in touch via, indicating your preference (hard copy or digital but always giving consideration to that shoe leather!).