The 52-page ‘Grammarian’ magazine is delivered each September to paid-up members of Bangor Grammarians, the old boys’ association of Bangor Grammar School.
This time around we distributed some 1,250 copies of the magazine in both printed and digital formats. Most deliveries are undertaken in and around the Bangor area thanks to members and friends of the Bangor Grammarians Committee.
At present, however, just one-sixth of all copies of the magazine are delivered (for the most part to recent past pupils and also to past pupils who live outside the UK) by way of a downloadable PDF.
Hence our decision this Christmas to distribute a complimentary digital copy of the magazine to all past pupils of Bangor Grammar School who visit our recently updated website or the Bangor Grammarians Facebook page.
We would encourage those who already receive the printed edition of the magazine to view it on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer and determine if the digital edition would be more suited to their future requirements.
Additionally, we would obviously hope to encourage those reading the magazine, who are not paid-up members of Bangor Grammarians, to consider joining the old boys’ association. Life membership costs just £30 and our Membership Secretary, Lyn MacCallum, will be delighted to hear from you. He can be contacted via
We certainly appreciate that some of you will already have read the 2016 edition in either its printed or digital versions. To those old boys of the School (and indeed anyone else who might be interested) we can supply you with a digital edition of the 2015 magazine by way of a 4mb PDF attachment.
Unlike the printed edition of the magazine, the digital version made history in 2015 by being in full colour throughout, yet only a very small number of our membership would have been in a position to enjoy the breakthrough. A little like colour television in the late 1960s! Anyone wishing to have a digital copy of the 2015 ‘Grammarian’ can request one by email to
We are keen to keep all past pupils informed about the ongoing work undertaken by Bangor Grammarians, entirely on a voluntary basis, and also, through contributed articles, about the lives being led by former pupils of the School in many parts of the world. It will certainly help our endeavours if we can encourage even more Life Members to join our ranks.
One final thought. If, having reading the 2016 magazine (and very possibly the 2015 one as well), you might wish to contribute a similar article reflecting your own memories of school days at BGS and your achievements (sporting, academic, work-related or any other), the editor would very much like to hear from you. Again the address is
On behalf of Grammarians chairman Geoffrey Miller and the members of the Grammarians Committee we wish you a very happy Christmas, with heartfelt best wishes for all your endeavours in 2017.

NB Please don’t hesitate to circulate the 2016 magazine link to all family members and friends who also attended Bangor Grammar School.

The cover of the 2016 'Grammarian' magazine

The cover of the 2016 ‘Grammarian’ magazine